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Budget and Credit Reduction Work Plans

JCVision offers its clients the opportunity to receive one-on-one coaching to resolve financial setbacks, and eliminate debt. A counselor works with you to assess your current financial situation, create a realistic budget to balance income with expenses, creating a credit reduction plan, and establish achievable financial goals. Your personal action plan will also include a focus on long term outcomes . JCVision is not a Debt Management Plan (DMP) Service provider.

If you haven’t done so already, get your free credit report today from You may obtain your credit report for free once each year (twice a year for Georgia residents). There are fees associated with obtaining your credit score, but it is worth the expense. Your credit score helps you see how creditors assess your applications for credit and/or loans.

Your credit report directly impacts your ability to obtain a credit card, buy a car or home, rent an apartment, or even get a new job. Knowing how to read it, understanding how to increase your credit score, and correcting inaccurate information are in your best interest. JCVision's certified counselors can assist you in reading and understanding your credit report. You can obtain your report or we can provide you with your credit report with written authorization. Call our office for an appointment. Budget and Credit report counseling are available in-person only.

The Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 includes two provisions mandating financial counseling and education: Before filing for bankruptcy, consumers would be required to have a briefing on the alternatives to bankruptcy (pre-bankruptcy credit counseling); and before receiving a bankruptcy discharge a debtor would be required to complete “an instructional course concerning personal financial management.” (post bankruptcy debtor education) These provisions were included to provide debtors in bankruptcy with the skills and tools needed to avoid future financial problems.

Identity Theft

It’s imperative to know what’s contained in your credit report. However, reading a credit report and understanding its contents are often too different things. A JCVision counselor can pull your report and interpret it on the spot. In the event you identification has been stolen, our trained counselors can help you file a report and begin the process of notification to your creditors, the credit bureaus and to additional authorities.